Daniel Arthur, Michael Cruickshank, Evan Cummings and Paolo Puccini became the newest Paulists July 26 as they made their first promise with the community. Learn more about these four incredible men and view photos from the first promise Mass!

Ecumenism & Interfaith

In this issue: A small Protestant movement collaborates with Catholics; the 'miracle' of the meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew; and more.


Landings, a Paulist program of reconciliation that welcomes people back to the Church, experienced a mega-successful relaunch in London that will hopefully spread throughout the U.K!


Scriptural references to the fruit of the vine abound. Beer? Not so much. Paulist student Michael Hennessy traces the Catholic tradition of brewing.

Series #41

"The divine life in the soul must languish and die without the divine food of the Blessed Sacrament," says Paulist Founder Father Isaac Hecker in a reflection. Father Paul Robichaud, CSP, offers a modern response!

What's happening
Stuart A. Wilson-Smith, CSP
A few of us made a quick trip down to DC this weekend to attend the Mass of first profession for the 2013-14 Paulist novice class. Four of them began...
Father Francis P. DeSiano, CSP
What is “everything” – the all-absorbing interest of our lives?
What's happening

More than a dozen Paulist Mission Preachers with myriad areas of expertise are available for speaking engagements.