From Jesus changing water into wine in Cana to Jesus turning wine into his Sacred Blood at the Last Supper, scriptural references to the fruit of the vine abound. Beer? Not so much. Paulist student Michael Hennessy traces the Catholic tradition of brewing.

Ecumenism & Interfaith

In this issue: A small Protestant movement collaborates with Catholics; the 'miracle' of the meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew; and more.


Landings, a Paulist program of reconciliation that welcomes people back to the Church, experienced a mega-successful relaunch in London that will hopefully spread throughout the U.K!


Wondering what to read this summer? Paulist Press has four books that are bound to inform and inspire. Take a look!

Series #40

"The more we trust in God, the more God will trust himself to us. All that God asks of us is to let him act with full freedom in our regard," says Paulist Founder Father Isaac Hecker in a reflection. Father Paul Robichaud, CSP, offers a modern response!

What's happening
Father Terrence P. Ryan, CSP
All the rage now is to wear a fitness bracelet that tells you how many steps you took and calories you burned through the course of the day.
Father Francis P. DeSiano, CSP
The following is a homily based on the Scripture readings for Sunday, July 20.
What's happening

More than a dozen Paulist Mission Preachers with myriad areas of expertise are available for speaking engagements.